Where are we now? – 29 Months

Happy Spring!
So what’s going on in the land of “Nursies”??

Here’s what a ‘day in the life’ looks like right now.

Bottles Are Weird

To an exclusively breastfed baby, bottles are, simply put- weird. So it should come to no surprise that when offered for the first time our babies will, sometimes, freak the F out.

Where are we now? – 20 Months

I have mostly done posts about what I think new moms might be needing help with so I thought, this time, I’d let you into my little world for a second.  I did the same in a more general way over here, but here, I thought I’d dive deeper into our nursing relationship and what…

Let’s Talk Fashion!

I have never used a cover.  Maddy would hate it.  Plus, it’s just a pain and another thing to carry around.  For me, the fact that I can literally leave the house with only a diaper and a wipe in hand (or not even since I have a stash that I keep in the car)…