Getting Started

I truly hope you find value in this.  And I wholeheartedly wish you success, and I know you will have it.

Where are we now? 3 Years And Baby On The Way!

We’re expecting!!  We’re so excited and Maddy is completely over the moon about being a big sister and already loves her sibling.  She is constantly hugging and kissing my belly, saying “Baby, baby, I love you baby!”  I can’t wait to see her flourish as a big sister.

With all that I thought it’d be a good time to do a “Where are we now?” post and let you in on our little world of, yes, still nursing (and nursing while pregnant to boot)!

Where are we now? – 29 Months

Happy Spring!
So what’s going on in the land of “Nursies”??

Here’s what a ‘day in the life’ looks like right now.

Bottles Are Weird

To an exclusively breastfed baby, bottles are, simply put- weird. So it should come to no surprise that when offered for the first time our babies will, sometimes, freak the F out.

A Chapter Ends

Almost two years ago I brought my pump into my office. I was so nervous. “How was I going to get UNDRESSED during my work day.. THREE TIMES?! How was I going to function without nursing every two and a half hours?! How was I going to focus in meetings when my boobs were literally POPPING?!”

My first day was to say the least, awkward.

I fumbled through getting undressed and made a huge mess because I didn’t know how to take the flanges off my boobs without spilling all the excess milk. I was so embarrassed because I thought everyone was looking at my poorly placed breast pads showing through my shirt. I was a mess.

Over time, though,I learned which clothes worked best so I didn’t have to completely undress and that dresses were a complete disaster and to NEVER wear them unless I could bring them down over my shoulders. I learned to not feel weird knowing executives were walking past as I sit on the other side of my door completely exposed, or jump at the maintenance man who I knew had a key even though my sign clearly stated “Pumping Mother, Please Do Not Disturb”. And I found a rhythm to the new reality of a pumping, working mom. Over time it became the new normal, and I didn’t give it a second thought to what 9, noon, and 3pm looked like for my daily routine.

After almost two years since I brought my pump into my office at work, it’s all packed up and heading home for the last time. My pumping at work journey ended a little while ago, but I’ve kept it under my desk “just in case”.

Finally, it’s time.


So every mommy blog is just not a mommy blog unless it has a sleep post right? So here you have it- my sleep solutions post.

Maddy’s Milk… Not Just Her Drink!

So after doing this last night without even thinking twice, I thought to myself, “I wonder how many moms don’t know this is something they can do!?  I wonder how many moms don’t know all the wondrous things breast milk can do besides nurturing our little ones by way of nursing?!”

So, with that I give you… 

5 Life Hacks – Breast Milk Edition!