Getting Started

I truly hope you find value in this.  And I wholeheartedly wish you success, and I know you will have it.

Where are we now? – 29 Months

Happy Spring!
So what’s going on in the land of “Nursies”??

Here’s what a ‘day in the life’ looks like right now.

Bottles Are Weird

To an exclusively breastfed baby, bottles are, simply put- weird. So it should come to no surprise that when offered for the first time our babies will, sometimes, freak the F out.

A Chapter Ends

Almost two years ago I brought my pump into my office. I was so nervous. “How was I going to get UNDRESSED during my work day.. THREE TIMES?! How was I going to function without nursing every two and a half hours?! How was I going to focus in meetings when my boobs were literally POPPING?!”

My first day was to say the least, awkward.

I fumbled through getting undressed and made a huge mess because I didn’t know how to take the flanges off my boobs without spilling all the excess milk. I was so embarrassed because I thought everyone was looking at my poorly placed breast pads showing through my shirt. I was a mess.

Over time, though,I learned which clothes worked best so I didn’t have to completely undress and that dresses were a complete disaster and to NEVER wear them unless I could bring them down over my shoulders. I learned to not feel weird knowing executives were walking past as I sit on the other side of my door completely exposed, or jump at the maintenance man who I knew had a key even though my sign clearly stated “Pumping Mother, Please Do Not Disturb”. And I found a rhythm to the new reality of a pumping, working mom. Over time it became the new normal, and I didn’t give it a second thought to what 9, noon, and 3pm looked like for my daily routine.

After almost two years since I brought my pump into my office at work, it’s all packed up and heading home for the last time. My pumping at work journey ended a little while ago, but I’ve kept it under my desk “just in case”.

Finally, it’s time.


So every mommy blog is just not a mommy blog unless it has a sleep post right? So here you have it- my sleep solutions post.

Maddy’s Milk… Not Just Her Drink!

So after doing this last night without even thinking twice, I thought to myself, “I wonder how many moms don’t know this is something they can do!?  I wonder how many moms don’t know all the wondrous things breast milk can do besides nurturing our little ones by way of nursing?!”

So, with that I give you… 

5 Life Hacks – Breast Milk Edition! 

Our Lip Tie/ Tongue Tie Story

As our story goes, in our early stages of breast feeding something just wasn’t right.  As we started to try and get the hang of things I realized she was not able to empty my breast.  She was gaining fine and her latch seemed fine, and continued to improve as her mouth grew, but as it turned out, she had a lip and tongue tie, class 2.5.  If caught early, this can be a little bit of a setback, but nothing you and your little can’t handle.